Our SpiCY Story

The story of Spicy Home Studio begins several decades ago…

Spicy Home Studio is a company that creates time-less and comfortable stories. We are expert in designer’s furniture, interior design solutions at every level, offering to our customers a total design experience. We offer a huge variety of brands and products in our studio with the ability to begin and complete a project under our promises.

The owner Dimitris Papadopoulos is a third generation furniture specialist, carrying all the expertise collected from his father Christodoulos Papadopoulos and grand-father Stelios Papadopoulos. S+A Papadopoulos bros ltd was established by Stelios and his brother Agapios in 1953. At 1973, when Christodoulos complete his studies as a furniture designer, joined forces with his father. Christodoulos transformed a carpentry yard to a new mass production line company of pine wood furniture which led the company in success At 1977 the company participated at the national furniture expo of Berlin as a representor of Cyprus furniture. At 1993, the company changed strategy and changed the name in PKS Interiors. The new strategy of the company was to import their furniture. The factory ends it production works at 1996 under PKS industries. At 2003, a tornado here in Limassol, made the business change their strategy again. As the showroom was completely destroyed, in 2004 the big space was renovated with a focus on high-end design brands, mainly made in Italy. At that stage the company had to re-brand, and the new name Philosophy of kudos and style was born. At 2011 the shop had to relocate as, the development of the city was undergoing at the other side. Finally at 2013, after a horrible crisis the company closed and is operating today under a new ownership and management.


Spicy Home Studio was founded at 2020, by Dimitris Papadopoulos and Nelly Papadopoulou. Our future is deeply rooted in creating spaces, with high aesthetics, absolute functionality, and unconditional comfort. Our studio offers a new concept of shopping, more exclusive and personal, promoting tailor-made experience in our cozy space.

Our vision

Our vision is clear; design can and must upgrade the spaces we live in, and therefore our life quality. This concept will guide us through the future.

To develop and complete interior design solutions at all levels is our mission, providing a total design experience, as a result of our know-how and the global network of collaborate partners. And by total design experience, we mean a journey through a vast range of materials and finishes, as our customers have the ability to access a broad range of products and customization options to create astonishing spaces.

Our Goal

Designer’s Furniture, Bespoke Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Lighting, Rugs, Curtains and Interior Accessories.

With 20+ Brands, 10 000+ Products, Spicy Material Gallery, Spicy Design Centre, 10+ Local Craftsmen relax, we will take care of everything, from creativity to logistics, from installation to after-sales.

Our goal is to promote our studio, as a one-stop-shop for all design pieces. Our studio is a space offering the sense of discovery and inspiration, a place where extraordinary stories begin.