360 Project Management

Free Consultation

Get your interior started by meeting with us at our studio for a coffee. Our friendly team will listen with attention to you and gather as much as information as possible, in order to create a project brief. Then we will agree on a project deadline and budget, and then tailor our advice to your precise needs. The free consultation also includes a site visit, where our design team can get a feeling of the size and space, and take down any detail measurements needed. A visit will also identify a range of practicalities to be taken into consideration. 


At this stage, we are ready to create a custom tailor made presentation of your space including floor plans, product specifications and finishes, to allow you visualizing your new space. This can be amended further and make any changes needed to perfectly fit the space and your preferences. 

3D Realistic Renders

We can provide a complete 3D Realistic rendering for your space, visualising precisely everything we have carefully and wisely chose. We usually charge a fee upfront. However, is important to mention that all of our services are refundable upon receipt of your order.

Project Management

Our Team can manage a project and all of the contractors with it. We can gather all information from our client, and execute the plan as required. Our team, also provide week-by-week update, any visits required, and monitor the deadlines. Also we offer technical consultancy and budgeting. Contact us to find more about this service.

Interior Design Consulting

Book an appointment with our team.

“The concept of interior design, can guide you through the unique story about a space, and their people who live in.” Dimitris Papadopoulos – Director